The Service

OLÁPARK is a next-generation service for integrated management of parking facilities, areas and highways, developed by OláPark - System of Innovation and Technology, Inc., after an in-depth analysis of the current needs in the sector.

OláPark is a real-time,  always-on, online -based system serving the needs of individuals and business customers (companies, municipalities, airports, other public and private institutions), by enabling the efficient use and management of public and private parking facilities, areas (both surface and subterranean) and highways, subjected to fee / toll schedules.

The system allows end users to pay parking and/or toll fees automatically via a mobile phone (smartphone App or SMS), via the online web portal (PC or Mac), and by driving directly through “Green Line” lanes on highways).

OláPark provides significantly more, convenient, effective and economical service!

The OláPark system has been designed and implemented by professional economists, market analysts and innovation and technology experts, licensed and certified to the highest level of recognition.

OLÁPARK’s technology innovations and integrated services have received wide adoption in the countries where the Company operates.

With numerous advantages for both end users and administrators of parking facilities and highways, this innovative system generates significant cost savings for customers, while offering considerable flexibility and convenience.