1. What is OláPark and how can I use it?
OLÁPARK is a next-generation service for integrated management of parking facilities, areas and highways. OláPark allows end users to pay parking and/or toll fees automatically via a mobile phone (smartphone App or SMS), via the online web portal (PC or Mac), from one account, while parking at an OláPark-enabled lot or facility,or driving directly through "Green Line" lanes on highways.  
2. Where can I use OláPark?
 The service can be used at all OláPark-enabled parking areas / facilities and highways.
3. How does OláPark work? What devices can I use?
OláPark is a real-time, always-on, online-based service.  End users access their Client Accounts through the web browser of any connected device (laptop, phone, tablet) or via the OláPark App (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone).
4. Can I use OláPark offline, without internet access, and are there additional charges?
The service can be used with virtually any mobile phone with cellular service by sending an SMS to the number displayed on the sign at the facility. The SMS will be processed by your mobile operator and will be subject to regular charges according to your existing service plan.  The appropriate parking fee will be debited from the virtual wallet in your OláPark client account.

1. How do I obtain an Olapark Client Account?
Complete the online registration form or log in to the Olapark App.
While the registration form requires basic personal information, it only takes a minute.
You will need to activate your account by entering a unique code which will be sent via SMS to the mobile number provided in the Registration Form.
Upon successfully activating your Olapark Client Account, you will be required to complete your customer profile. Please note that we will only use the information you provide to enable the most effective Olapark service for you. We will not share your information with third parties, except in limited cases listed in the "Terms of Use".

2. Should I use the Olapark service with a personal / family or a business account?
The Olapark platform was developed to allow users to manage the parking needs of both private vehicles (personal / family subscription), and corporate vehicles (business subscription).
If you use both a personal and a company vehicle you can manage your parking needs from one convenient account interface.

How do I start a subscription?
After registering and activating your client account you will be able to assign all the vehicles you would like to use with Olapark to one personal / family subscription and multiple corporate / business subscriptions (each corporate / business subscription needs to be associated with a separate company). 

4. How many vehicles can I register with a single subscription?
There is no limit on the number of vehicles that you can register with a single subscription.

1. How do I use OláPark?
Log in to your Olapark Client Account, load funds into your virtual wallet, and you are all set to park at Olapark-enabled facilities and to drive on and drive through green line highway lanes.

2. How are parking and green line highway lane payments processed by the OláPark platform?
Parking and green line highway lane payments are processed under one of two methods:

a) Check-in / Check-out for on-demand parking interval; or

b) Fixed duration interval for parking or fixed toll fee on highways.

3. How do I pay my parking session charge or highway toll?

Depending on the set-up at each Olapark-enabled facility / location, you will be able to pay for your parking session or highway toll by either the first or both methods below:

a)      Log in to your Olapark client account via the Olapark website or the Olapark mobile app,  or send an SMS to the number displayed on the sign at the facility; and / or

b)      At facilities / on highways with available Automatic License Plate Recognition technology simply proceed ahead; the system will recognize your license plate number and start / end your parking session or record your highway passage automatically.

4. How do I make sure that I Checked-in / Checked-out correctly?
You will receive a confirmation SMS with each parking session or highway toll transaction.

5. Does Olapark charge for each SMS sent by the platform?
No, Olapark does not charge anything for SMS generated by the platform.  All SMS confirming parking session / highway toll transactions are free..

6. I parked with the Check-in/Check-out method but did not receive a confirmation SMS. Why?
If you parked with the Check-in / Check-out method but did not receive a confirmation SMS you may be having connectivity or synchronization issues with our system.  While these cases are rare, they may happen as a result of a momentary connection lapse at a third-party network provider.  Please wait several minutes and repeat your check-in or check-out transaction.

7. After having checked in to the parking facility upon entering, I exited the facility, but forgot to check-out. What should I do?
If you checked in to the parking facility but forgot to check out, the Olapark system will send you an SMS warning five minutes before reaching the maximum allowed parking time and reflect the maximum allowed parking charge.
Similarly, in cases where you have not checked-out and are about to reach the maximum allowed parking time based on the current balance in your  virtual wallet, you will receive an SMS notification to load funds into your wallet or end the parking session five minutes before reaching the allowed parking time.

8. What if the balance in my virtual wallet is lower than the amount required for the maximum allowed parking time?
After check-in the system will automatically detect if the virtual wallet balance equals or exceeds the maximum allowed parking charge.  If the virtual wallet balance is lower than the maximum allowed parking charge the SMS confirming the check-in transaction will display the parking time available for your virtual wallet balance.  As usual, you will receive an SMS notification five minutes before reaching the maximum allowed parking time by your virtual wallet balance.

1. How do I load funds into my virtual wallet?
To load funds in a virtual wallet associated with a specific subscription within your account select "Load Credits".  Crediting specific subscription wallets instead of the entire account allows you to exercise greater flexibility and control over your expenses.

2. How do I pay for the funds loaded into my virtual wallet?
You can pay for your virtual wallet funds via Paypal, MB or bank account transfer.

3. What is the minimum level of funds that I can load into my virtual wallet?
Due to vendor transaction fees the minimum funding amount is 10.00 EUR.